Monday, December 13, 2010

Surge of Excitement!!!!!

You can't imagine the surge of excitement I feel as I read through these posts and think about our beady journey ahead!!! I'm so looking forward to a fresh start, this time with no self-imposed rules, only the idea of journaling and knowing they'll all be the same size. What size? Not sure yet... thinking about three possibilities - a circle, postcard shape (as I did the first two years), or the doll shape I used for my Decade Dolls (see cover of my book, Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery).

For the first two years of the BJP, I kept faithfully to the one-a-month schedule and finished by the end of the year. Year three... well, I don't know if I'll finish the last three pieces for 2010 or not. At least I promise to give it a good try.

HUGE THANKS to the team of angels who have made the BJP happen this year! The blogs look fabulous and everything is working so smoothly. We are all grateful for your efforts on our behalf, none more than I!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone, present and past BJPers! May the year ahead be blessed with creative energy, artistic community and the ability to make time for our art.

Robin A.