Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Year & Next

I'm pleased and proud to say that I am more up to date with my Bead Journal Project this year than I have been in any previous year. I was all caught up as of August. For September I want to honor one of my maternal aunts who passed away that month. I'm waiting to see what little thing of hers I might be able to use on an ATC. The foundation has been set up for October's ATC.

While I've been plodding right along on my BJP, for some reason I haven't been that active on the group blogs. At times I've been too immersed in my primary artistic endeavor, quilt making. At other times I wasn't creating anything at all. Instead of seeking out inspiration from other beaders I was binge reading novels (not to be confused with literature!). In spite of my rather low key participation this year I wholeheartedly support continuing the BJP as a group effort. There is a camaraderie, a fellowship, that comes from a group like this. It's there to tap into if we need or want it but doesn't overwhelm or intrude unless we let it. Whether or not the Bead Journal Project hangs together as an official group I intend to keep making beaded treasures to record and document my life's journey. I enjoy bead embellishment too much to stop!

Magpie Sue