Saturday, May 7, 2011

Slick Trick

The experienced beaders out there may have already know about this but I just discovered it for myself and thought I would share it.

I use small zipper plastic bags to store my beads. I bought a couple of hanks of seed beads the other day. It's always a struggle to get strung beads into the bags and not all over the floor. This time I had the bright idea to cut the strings of the hank over this pitcher (just a little creamer I picked up at the thrift shop one day).

For the most part it worked like a dream. The beads slide off the stings and into the pitcher. I'll admit that a few beads did get away from me but that was because I was trying to shoot the pictures while holding the top of the hank.

Once I had all the beads in the pitcher I was able to easily pour them into the baggie.

Because it's a small pitcher I didn't even need a funnel or anything.

I have no reports to make on finished bead journal projects unfortunately. I did January and have February partly done but I've been sewing quilts lately instead of beading. One of these days I'll get caught up and I'll invite y'all over to my blog for a party!